Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Matt Clark ac936d92f9 Adding admin.html and updating all Admin API endpoints to return valid JSON responses. Updated cache-dump handler to download cache in JSON format. 2 months ago
  Matt Clark d41377bb6f Minor refactoring of ServerRuntime to include reference to system timer. 2 months ago
  Matt Clark df746e60f1 Admin endpoint to reload config files. 3 months ago
  Matt Clark c86bb23830 Validate admin against authlist, adding utility for generating authlist entries, minor refactoring of metrics. 3 months ago
  Matt Clark bbfffb60d9 Run GC after cleanup tasks, adding Runtime information to Stats 4 months ago
  Matt Clark 2f2b6117e8 Minor refactoring. 4 months ago
  Matt Clark 03064b48e6 Major refactor of endpoint handling implementation, updating metrics. 4 months ago
  Matt Clark 0058f8b57d Merge branch 'master' of 4 months ago
  Matt Clark d3483695e5 Refactor server loading, roll logs at midnight, adding admin endpoints. 4 months ago
  Matt Clark 2271a88adf Removing redundant information from log output. 4 months ago
  Matt Clark a76f7d6c42 Docs link points to PDF. 6 months ago
  Daniel Jones 63df60fa71 Merge branch 'master' of 6 months ago
  Daniel Jones 265a581813 feat: generate barcode type buttons from /types and add tooltips 6 months ago
  Matt Clark 4eddb6005f Revert upgrade of Jetty. 6 months ago
  Matt Clark d10c65873e Better processing of CSV lines, minor refactoring. 6 months ago
  Matt Clark 4c6a915187 Formatting of HTML/JS, upgrading jetty, fixing cookie handling, adding details to session output, added license file handling, and more. 6 months ago
  Matt Clark 3685aa6a7a Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/dj-changes-29-07-20' 7 months ago
  Daniel Jones 4c0a53715d feat: add optional text 7 months ago
  Daniel Jones 07579f56cb feat: fix bulk page buttons, add CSV table, add link to docs, add help text 7 months ago
  Daniel Jones 0d48ba9df5 feat: add link back to main page on bulk generate page, change link style on home page 7 months ago
  Daniel Jones 334adffb78 feat: add style for bulk generate page, add logic to removed disabled status from button on file select 7 months ago
  Matt Clark 019f9b8292 Minor refactoring. 7 months ago
  Matt Clark b79a9e4473 Adding a runtime ID to metrics output. 7 months ago
  Matt Clark 79f44da18b Using a different HTTP client. 7 months ago
  Matt Clark 7184334857 Adding centralized metrics collection. 7 months ago
  Matt Clark db0b1c805b Minor refactoring of bulk uploader changes. 7 months ago
  Matt Clark a27c357666 Adding support for a bulk downloader based on a CSV upload. 7 months ago
  Matt Clark cfa3e28d08 Fix DM quiet zone 9 months ago
  Matt Clark 41f1fa0a4a Adding support for passing options to render engines, DM renders with additional options. 9 months ago
  Matt Clark c39b4b13d6 Reformatting and minor fixes in JS, serve all resources locally. 9 months ago