Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Matt Clark cfa3e28d08 Fix DM quiet zone 1 month ago
  Matt Clark 41f1fa0a4a Adding support for passing options to render engines, DM renders with additional options. 1 month ago
  Matt Clark c39b4b13d6 Reformatting and minor fixes in JS, serve all resources locally. 2 months ago
  Matt Clark 2349d43807 Fix Aztec and QR conflicting in cache. 2 months ago
  Matt Clark 1297129c02 Adding a basic multi-barcode generation page. 2 months ago
  Matt Clark dd4d20cbc2 Adding support for generating Aztec barcodes. 2 months ago
  Matt Clark 2f87e3a15a Force DataMatrix to be square. 3 months ago
  Matt Clark 381f62df93 Load /types/ endpoint from running instance. 3 months ago
  Matt Clark 1049aa4251 Allow running behind a proxy with SSL termination, fixing redirects. 3 months ago
  Matt Clark f539e82d04 Removing unused resources. 3 months ago
  Matt Clark 024734e94a Fix broken email link. 3 months ago
  Matt Clark 63a284b797 Share links changed to feedback. 3 months ago
  Matt Clark a3fa4af636 Merge branch 'dj-redesign' 3 months ago
  Daniel Jones 4465921a27 feat: add pattern matching to text input, only render image with correct code 3 months ago
  Matt Clark df59b9fffa Merge pull request #1 from BarcodeAPI/dependabot/maven/org.eclipse.jetty-jetty-server-9.4.17.v20190418 4 months ago
  dependabot[bot] 83b57ec260 Bump jetty-server from 9.4.6.v20170531 to 9.4.17.v20190418 4 months ago
  Matt Clark f1d31addda Merge branch 'dj-redesign' 4 months ago
  Daniel Jones 19eb293c33 fix: change input style, fix message popover in firefox 4 months ago
  Matt Clark 66f39107ad Better task management for cache cleanup and logging. 4 months ago
  Matt Clark 6b2e750e2b Allow user to specify log directory, hit counters for tasks. 4 months ago
  Matt Clark d164574ce1 Adding background tasks to manage caches and system stats. 4 months ago
  Matt Clark 9d95dc4b8c Merge branch 'dj-redesign' 4 months ago
  Daniel Jones 110a23fc7c Merge branch 'dj-redesign' of into dj-redesign 4 months ago
  Daniel Jones 3f025421af feat: add barcode types to dropdown select on mobile 4 months ago
  Daniel Jones 20dd2ed1e8 feat: add social media links, fix docs link 4 months ago
  Daniel Jones 8eb19fd74d feat: add social media links, fix docs link 4 months ago
  Daniel Jones a4a2a866f6 feat: fix download image button for firefox, hide copy image button for firefox, edit text input css, add clear button 4 months ago
  Matt Clark 57524ad3b7 Merge branch 'dj-redesign' 4 months ago
  Daniel Jones 059559fc76 feat: add function to copy barcode image link to clipboard 4 months ago
  Matt Clark 0e8438aa5a Updating README and copyright years 4 months ago