Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Matt Clark d30b747701 Adding ITF-14 code type, allowing user to set text format on some code types. 1 week ago
  Matt Clark 2d77469a0b Fixing vertial spacing for UPC. 1 week ago
  Matt Clark 4cf3966ed2 Adding support to serve barcodes in B64 format. 5 months ago
  Matt Clark a7eaa66788 Refactoring. 5 months ago
  Matt Clark b8b220bd34 Refactoring, reformatting, and other minor changes. 5 months ago
  Matt Clark 45a56e5635 Adding API option to force image download. 5 months ago
  Matt Clark ba493da0ba Adding separate About page. Adding RoyalMail and USPSMail barcode formats. 6 months ago
  Matt Clark 90980be83f Using LibArgs. 8 months ago
  Matt Clark 17a8770572 Increment POM version. 8 months ago
  Matt Clark a1b2161381 Using LibLog for logging, and adding control character parsing to Aztec codes. 8 months ago
  Matt Clark 03092f18f6 Updating MultiPart for new Jetty version. 1 year ago
  Matt Clark 7f57163a29 Merge pull request #5 from BarcodeAPI/dependabot/maven/org.eclipse.jetty-jetty-server-9.4.41.v20210516 1 year ago
  Matt Clark 79366e9f34 Merge pull request #6 from timroemisch/master 1 year ago
  Matt Clark c5dfc358c6 Add short delay to allow more typing before requesting new barcode; minor changes to license page. 1 year ago
  Matt Clark 1e63c1ce7d Pass original URI through to endpoint handlers. 1 year ago
  Matt Clark 0fc7c5e30f Refactoring in most code generators, adding more customization options. 1 year ago
  Tim Römisch f7b6128108 include resources in container 1 year ago
  Tim Römisch db4d52c1f8 delete empty file 1 year ago
  Tim Römisch 7013b96ca4 add docker to readme 1 year ago
  Tim Römisch a3a236012c fix cron schedule 1 year ago
  Tim Römisch e876cd5b10 add github action 1 year ago
  Tim Römisch 594fee3673 add dockerfile 1 year ago
  dependabot[bot] 6959fed81c Bump jetty-server from 9.4.17.v20190418 to 9.4.41.v20210516 1 year ago
  Matt Clark ac936d92f9 Adding admin.html and updating all Admin API endpoints to return valid JSON responses. Updated cache-dump handler to download cache in JSON format. 2 years ago
  Matt Clark d41377bb6f Minor refactoring of ServerRuntime to include reference to system timer. 2 years ago
  Matt Clark df746e60f1 Admin endpoint to reload config files. 2 years ago
  Matt Clark c86bb23830 Validate admin against authlist, adding utility for generating authlist entries, minor refactoring of metrics. 2 years ago
  Matt Clark bbfffb60d9 Run GC after cleanup tasks, adding Runtime information to Stats 2 years ago
  Matt Clark 2f2b6117e8 Minor refactoring. 2 years ago
  Matt Clark 03064b48e6 Major refactor of endpoint handling implementation, updating metrics. 2 years ago