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  Matt Clark d41377bb6f Minor refactoring of ServerRuntime to include reference to system timer. 9 months ago
  Matt Clark c86bb23830 Validate admin against authlist, adding utility for generating authlist entries, minor refactoring of metrics. 11 months ago
  Matt Clark 1297129c02 Adding a basic multi-barcode generation page. 1 year ago
  Matt Clark 0e8438aa5a Updating README and copyright years 1 year ago
  Matt Clark 1c2277a034 Better logging and metrics. 1 year ago
  Matt Clark 2a41f14eaa Working HTML menu for selecting code type. 3 years ago
  Matt Clark f963aca82a UI updates, show ERROR barcode on failure. 3 years ago
  Matt Clark 292c948835 Refactoring. 3 years ago
  Matt Clark 48cf1a8e1d Docs. 3 years ago
  Matthew Clark 968a37bdc6 Added ZXing license and cache endpoint. 3 years ago
  Matthew Clark fc9d4d913e Added support for control characters. 3 years ago
  Matthew Clark 6a9da4daef Added Readme, URL encoding in requests. 3 years ago
  Matthew Clark f172bed465 Adding codes and refactoring. 3 years ago