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The Global Internet Scanner is a software suite consisting of client and server components capable of content scanning a vast number of hosts to determine the services running and vulnerability rating of each.

For Research Use Only

This tools is intended for research purposes only. Any and all information gathered through the use of this tool is to be used for the purpose of resolving any discovered vulnerabilites, not exploiting them. The tool should only be run against hosts for which for which you have explicit permission from the owner.

The source of this scanner is provided to you free for use

Launch Arguments

Combined Server / Scanner

Used for runnig a quick scan against a small number of hosts.

Uses an embedded SQLite database and run with 8 threads.

java -jar scanner.jar < ips

Server Only

Used to launch the scanner in server-only mode; used for managing dta for worker nodes.

java -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -cp scanner.jar org.giscanner.Server < ips


Initialize the database to be used by the scaner and grant the user account the privileges it needs.

CREATE USER 'giscanner'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY '1a2b3c';
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON scandb.* TO 'giscanner'@'%';

Use the --db argument to setup the database connection string to use MySQL.

--db jdbc:mysql://giscanner:1a2b3c@mysqlhost/scandb

On launch the scanner will attempt to create the database tables if they do not exist.

Scanner Only

Used to run the scanner in a clustered configuration.

java -Xms256M -Xmx256M -cp scanner.jar org.giscanner.Scanner --server $server:8884 --threads 512