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A basic application logger.

  • Multiple log files
  • Roll log files daily
  • String localization
  • And more...

Maven Dependency

Include the library in your project by adding the following dependency to your pom.xml



Default configuraion values can be modified by setting environment variables prior to launching the application.

LOG_DIR    Set the path where log files will be created.    (logs)
LOG_NAME   Set the base name of the default log file.       (server)
LOG_DEBUG  Set any value to enable debug logging.


Invoke any of the LibLog methods anywhere your application should produce a log message.

LibLog._log("This is a log message.");
LibLog._logF("Hello, %s", "world");

Using Localized Strings

Load localized strings based on the users default language.

String lang = LibArgs.instance().getString(//
        "language", Locale.getDefault().toString());

// Load localized message codes
LibLog._logF("Loading Language Pack: %s", lang);
        String.format("/strings/", lang)));

Use logc methods to resolve logger codes to localized messages.



Open source & free for all. ❤