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An ESP32 based remote for Arylic whole home audio systems.


Designed for low-power ESP32's, the firmware spends most of it's time in a deep sleep state.

Pressing the center button will wake the device and connect to WiFi.

After a period of inactivity (12 seconds), the device will go back into a deep sleep.

A rotary encoder wheel in addition to 5 directional buttons are use for device operations.

Button functions can be customized by the user. Default actions are listed below.

  • N: Play Preset #1
  • E: Next Track
  • W: Prev Track
  • S: Ungroup Device
  • C: Play / Pause / Wake

  • Wheel+ : Volume++

  • Wheel- : Volume--

Pins are Active-Low with an Internal PullUp and must be attached as defined in Pins.h.

Status LED

An RGB status LED may be attached to view additional states.

Alternatively, the single onboard LED of the ESP32 Dev-module can also be used to determine the status of the device.

  • 20% : Connecting
  • 10% : Fetching device info
  • 99% : Sending a command
  • 50% : Idle, dims to 0

After any action the device begins a counter timer to shutdown; the idle LED will dim as the sleep timer counts to 0.


WiFi and device configuration are saved and NVS and presist through reboots and firmware updates.

To upload device configuration, modify parameters in the ConfigScript and run the script.

The Arylic32 firmware must then be uploaded.


To build this firmware package you must have the following dependencies installed:

  • ESP32 Core (2.0.2)
  • ArduinoJson (6.18.5)
  • ESP32Encoder (0.7.0)